CFIF Endorses Congressman Mike Pence for Republican Leader of the House of Representatives

"Indiana Congressman Mike Pence provides Congressional conservatives with a critical opportunity to reclaim the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and ethical leadership," says CFIF President.

November 9, 2006
Contact: Jeffrey Mazzella
(703) 535-5836

CFIF Endorses Congressman Mike Pence for Republican Leader of the House of Representatives

ALEXANDRIA, VA – On the heels of an election in which voters across America punished the Republican majority in both Houses of Congress for abandoning the conservative principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and ethical leadership, the Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) today endorsed Congressman Mike Pence (R - IN) in his candidacy for Republican Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives. 

"We are pleased to endorse Congressman Pence to be the next Republican Leader of the House," said CFIF President Jeffrey Mazzella.  "Throughout his career and as leader of the Republican Study Committee, Congressman Pence has never wavered from the principles of limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, individual freedom and a strong national defense.  Rather, he has been an effective and articulate leader on those principles during a time when the Republican majority departed from many of them," Mazzella added. 

CFIF's endorsement is unprecedented, as it is the first of its kind since the organization's founding in 1998.  However, CFIF made the decision to move forward with its endorsement at a critical time during which a large majority of Americans, including the organization's more than 250,000 supporters and activists nationwide, are demanding principled conservative leadership.

"Voters across the country made their voices heard this week by handing Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the majorities in Congress," said Mazzella.  "This is not because voters abandoned conservative principles, but because the Republican majority did.  It is time for new leadership."

"In 1994, Congressional conservatives drafted the Contract with America and subsequently balanced the budget, enacted revolutionary welfare reform, cut taxes and advocated limited government," continued Mazzella.  "More recently, however, the majority abused earmark spending, bloated the federal budget, increased domestic spending almost 50% and wavered on a whole host of other issues," Mazzella said.  

"Congressman Pence has the courage, commitment and leadership skills necessary to reclaim conservative values favored by a large majority of Americans," said Mazzella.  "We are excited about the prospect of Congressman Pence assuming the important leadership role, and we strongly urge his colleagues in the House of Representatives to support his candidacy," Mazzella concluded. 

The Center for Individual Freedom is a constitutional and free-market advocacy organization that fights to advance the principles of limited government, and to protect individual freedom and rights in the legal, legislative and educational arenas. 

[Posted November 9, 2006
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