Kids should seek the truth at school, but they won’t find it in Super Size Me. Spurlock serves up heaping portions of exaggeration and bad math. Super Size Me and Morgan Spurlock…
Let’s keep them
both out of our schools.

"...This fall I will take the Super-Sized message on the road to colleges, high schools and elementary schools...I personally believe high schools should show the theatrical version of the film, sexual references and foul language are nothing new to them."

"Getting this film into every school in America is a priority of mine..."

—Morgan Spurlock,
Director & front man of "Super Size Me", Super Size Me Blog

Three Reasons Why Morgan Spurlock and his Film Send the Wrong Message to Children:

1) This Film is Entertainment for Adults, not Education for Kids

2) The Facts Don’t Add Up; This Film is Simply a Distortion of Reality

"As a professional nutritionist, I think this movie does a disservice to the American people. Obesity is a serious issue in this country and the movie is not a serious attempt to answer it. It misleads people into thinking that eating a particular type of food or at a particular restaurant is the cause for a weight problem. That certainly is not the case."

3) Messengers are Important. Morgan Spurlock is a Shock-Entertainer, NOT an Educator for Kids.

Insightful Quotes from Movie Critics:

"Maybe it's the director's inherently superior attitude that makes the film so irritating: From his self-congratulatory physical (he's in great shape, he's told repeatedly), to the decidedly unwelcome shot of his rectal exam, to the repetitious, sneering shots of wide-bottomed Americans, we get the distinct impression that he isn't in it for the pubic benefit. And then we have the many glorious omissions of what would seem like crucial aspects in the argument for or against fast food…" — John Anderson, Newsday, May 6, 2004

"…so you ate more food than the average person, and you exercised less. With all due respect, what the heck did you think would happen to your body?"— D. Parvaz, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 20, 2004

"Spurlock is a muckraker in the Michael Moore mold, and he claims to have made this movie to document firsthand the unhealthiness of our fast-food nation. But he also knows how to play to the camera: This is the class clown’s science project." — Peter Rainer, New York Magazine, May 10, 2004

Super Size Me is a Morally Bankrupt, Misleading Film. It Mocks the Values that Children should be Learning and Promotes Irresponsible Behavior. Super Size Me is NOT for Our Schools.

December 8 , 2004
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