Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation calls it "Nightmare on Amnesty Street." Back to the Trenches Against Amnesty

A new amnesty bill is before the U.S. Senate.  It's the same as the last amnesty bill.  Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation calls it "Nightmare on Amnesty Street."

Actually, the new bill is not exactly the same as the last bill.  Some extra money, more than $4 billion, has been thrown in to make people think it's a national security bill.  It's not a national security bill.  It's an amnesty bill.  If it were a national security bill, amnesty wouldn't be in it.  If it were a national security bill, Senator Ted Kennedy would not have personally signed the filed copy.

President Bush and Senators Kennedy, Kyl, Specter, Reid, McCain, Graham, McConnell and Lott have thrown down their markers in support of pushing the bill forward.

Now it's time for American voters to throw down theirs in vocal, demonstrative opposition.  Yes, again.  That's politics.  The wooden stake didn't kill the monstrous bill.  The incantations of voter anger merely drove it temporarily back into its cave.  The pitchforks wounded, but did not destroy. 

It is now silver bullet time.  Lots of silver bullets.  Lots of silver bullets are possible, because opposition to the bill spans the entire spectrum of American voters.  Conservative voices have been the strongest, but even Democracy Corps, a group led by liberal political strategists Stan Greenberg and James Carville found little support for the bill.  The AFL-CIO just announced formal - read survivalist - opposition.

The numbers in opposition have been there all along, but liberal media and some creative manipulation of polls have convinced some politicians that once the stupid people understand they will come to love the monster and the politicians who unleash it on them.

But the people are not stupid.  You've been burned before, on the same subject, with the same empty promises.  You know amnesty when you see it.  You'd know national security if you saw that, but there's not enough to see.

If this bill becomes law, illegal aliens who apply will be granted probationary visas.  At that point, they become legal.  Poof.  Overnight, literally, because only 24 hours are allowed for initial background checks.  At that point, game over.  At that point, everything else is just words. 

But there are all those details, the triggers, the fines, the...

Whatever.  You wouldn't buy the bridge when it was glowing radioactively so now they've painted it yellow, just like the submarine we're all going to live in if this bill passes.  Buy the sucker paint job, game over.

The ploy for the last bill was to push it through quickly before opposition could be mobilized.  That failed. This time, a number of procedural tricks are being devised.  They do not matter.  Many senators have amendments, but only a few will be considered.  They do not matter.  Some amendments are being offered just to make you believe that Senators X, Y and Z are with you.  None of those amendments will or can strip amnesty from the bill.  Other amendments will be attempted to aid in getting "no" votes on the bill, but that's too much process to follow.

The only Senators who are with you are those who pledge to vote against this bill and do just that.  No excuses, no explanations.  A vote for a bill that is anything but enforcement and border security only is a vote against the will of the people.

Do not get lost in the forest of blather.  The only Senators who are with you are those who pledge to vote against this bill and do just that.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, and you should if you care about the future of this country, is to extract those pledges, from Democrats and Republicans alike.

There is very little time.  The bill's schedule is fluid, but is almost certain to be voted on by the end of next week at the very latest.

Do what you do to stop it again.  Call, write, email, fax, visit, fly a blimp over your Senators' houses.  Do the same to your local party headquarters.  Respond negatively to any party or candidate request for political donations until the vote is over.  Hound all presidential candidates to actively campaign against the bill.  Think way outside the box that the Senate has put itself in.

Take back your country.  If you don't, it won't be yours much longer.

June 22, 2007
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