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Jester's CourtroomLegal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts.
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Newt Gingrichnewtgingrich
RT @CallyGingrich: Beautiful evening in honor of our dear friend, George Weigel.
Michelle Malkinmichellemalkin
RT @johncardillo: This is a big deal: #LauraLoomer who is completely deplatformed from social media raised $154,000 in Q3 Her incumbent…
Sharyl AttkissonSharylAttkisson
False 'combat video' raises many questions, cautions for media | TheHill…
Sharyl AttkissonSharylAttkisson
RT @TheHillOpinion: False 'combat video' raises many questions, cautions for media Read the full story: Via @Shar…
Sharyl AttkissonSharylAttkisson
RT @JoshMShep: Starting this Friday in Washington, DC- Values Voter Summit (#VVS19) will feature @DennisPrager of @prageru alongside other…
David Harsanyidavidharsanyi
Brad ThorBradThor
RT @hoebawt: @BigJTrucker @BradThor I read Backlash in one sitting (first Thor book I read). I then had to go and start from the beginning.…
David Harsanyidavidharsanyi
RT @Seinfeld2000: the ultimate cursed image
Tom CottonSenTomCotton
Congratulations to the students and teachers of City Heights Elementary in Van Buren and Sequoyah Elementary in Rus……
National ReviewNRO
Fort Worth Cop Who Fatally Shot Woman In Her Own Home Charged With Murder via @johnsonhildy
Sally Pipessallypipes
RT @PacificResearch: Check out the latest from @sallypipes in @Forbes: How Long Can Sen. Warren Dodge Questions About #MedicareForAll? http…
Charles C. W. Cookecharlescwcooke
RT @lindseyadler: Yankees got three on against Gerrit Cole and then made three really poor outs. Woof.
David Burgeiowahawkblog
Behold the unmistakable Cleveland glamour…