Gov. Schwarzenegger Now Playing Role of ‘Nutrition Nanny’

"The food and beverage industries are not the enemy of public schools."

September 15, 2005
Contact: Jeff Mazzella

Gov. Schwarzenegger Now Playing Role of �Nutrition Nanny�

CFIF Calls Restrictions on Food and Beverages in Public Schools ‘Blow to Personal Responsibility’

Alexandria, VA — At the California Health Summit today, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law California Senate Bill 965, which adds additional restrictions to the sale of soft drinks and other beverages in the state’s public schools.  California health activists see this as a blow against obesity, but the Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) sees a subtle attack against personal responsibility and the individual right to choose. In response, CFIF President Jeff Mazzella issued the following statement:

“The governor’s support of this bill moves individual rights one step closer to life support.

“It makes sense that Governor Schwarzenegger takes an interest in the health of Californians with his background as a successful professional athlete.  However, signing a bill that restricts and/or limits certain beverages in schools is not an effective way to educate or improve health.

“The availability of snacks and soft drinks does not make children obese; not knowing how to balance their diet does.  Health and physical education should be part of the curriculum in public schools, so children learn to make their own choices.

“By removing choices from the schools, our children will be unprepared for the real world.  If they do not learn healthy choices in school, we face a health crisis when these children become adults.  Of course, the nutrition nannies would welcome such a health crisis as an opening to control what people can and cannot consume.

“The food and beverage industries are not the enemy of public schools.  Blaming them for the failure of parents and schools to teach children how to eat and drink all foods in moderation avoids the problem rather than solves it,” said Mazzella.

[Posted September 15, 2005
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