David M. Nummy, Chairman of the Board of the Center for Individual Freedom Foundation, joined group of civilian advisors to provide transitional support for people of Iraq. Center Foundation Chairman to Assist Iraq

David M. Nummy, Chairman of the Board of the Center for Individual Freedom Foundation, has joined a group of distinguished civilian advisors currently preparing to provide critical transitional support to the people of Iraq, as they seek to emerge from decades of dictatorship and oppression.

A CPA by training, David has served as a staff member of the Senate Budget Committee and Assistant Secretary for Management of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Most recently, David has been Senior Advisor for Budget Policy and Management in the Treasury Department's technical assistance program. As such, he has provided his considerable expertise, irrepressible energy, understated humor and unflappable temperament to helping establish financial organization and economic stability in emerging democracies around the world, including those of the former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

Although David is always more interested in the challenges at hand than titles, the latter are unfailingly thrust upon him. The Wall Street Journal has referred to his new role as "de facto finance minister," to which David simply smiles, as he does when we address him as "Mr. Chairman."

We know that David's mission will be successful; we pray that it will also be safe.

April 9, 2003
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