Prime time politics... They won't be against the war either, but would join you for a chorus of "Feelings." Dear Barbra:

Welcome to prime time politics.

Last weekend, you headlined a fundraiser for Democrats, joined only by, shall we say, lesser luminaries and the ubiquitous Howdy Doody Gephardt. You sang your three songs for a big old bag of silver, but your voice was strongest in opposing war against Iraq.

We don’t know what Richard the poll-hearted told you, but before you Hollywood folks got up on October 2, there he was at the White House, supporting the President’s…Oh, sorry, the Bipartisan Resolution on the war.

Remember that Bush/Gore election map, the one with blue only in your backyard on one coast and Alec Baldwin’s on the other? Gephardt has one tattooed on his palm.

Not to appear opportunistic, but if you’re really upset with those shameless politicians, would you raise money for the Center for Individual Freedom? They won’t be against the war either, but would join you for a chorus of "Feelings."

You could position your experience this way: Gephardt proves money doesn’t corrupt politics; he wouldn’t sell you his vote.

You take care of that voice, sweetie. It’s still a national treasure.



P.S. Bob Torricelli is hurt that you won’t return his call. Jim McDermott has been trying to reach you to tell you Saddam really likes you better than Sinatra, no matter what that woman said on television. Tom Daschle appreciated the pink tie.

October 3, 2002
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