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President Bush Releases His Statement of Principles

As the Senate prepares to consider campaign finance reform legislation, President George W. Bush recently sent Congress his statement of principles on the issue in an attempt to influence the debate scheduled for this week. In a letter to Majority Leader Trent Lott, Bush outlined key principles that he considers the framework to "responsible campaign finance reforms."

President Bush»s plan, among other things, would ban soft money contributions by corporations and labor unions, and prohibits these groups from using treasury or member funds for political activities without permission from shareholders or members. The president»s plan would not ban soft money contributions from individuals. Bush contends banning individual soft money contributions would be contrary to maintaining strong political parties and protecting the rights of individuals to participate in the democratic process.

In addition, President Bush supports including a non-severability provision in campaign finance reform legislation. Such a provision would ensure fair and constitutional reform, as it would require the entire bill to be sent back to Congress if any provision of such bill were found unconstitutional.

For the complete text of President Bush»s letter to Majority Leader Trent Lott and Bush»s statement of Principles, visit: