Innovation and technology, not cap and trade policies, will address environmental issues and protect the economy. CFIF Joins Letter Applauding President's Environmental Plan

Innovation and technology, not cap and trade policies, will address environmental issues and protect the economy

In a letter sent this week to the White House, the Center for Individual Freedom joined several national organizations in applauding President Bush for his Climate Change Technology Program (CCTP) Strategic Plan. The letter highlights the importance of the administration's focus on innovation and technology, rather than economically damaging environmental regulations, as a way to lower emissions and improve the environment.

"The Bush administration has a distinguished record of supporting commonsense strategies for addressing environmental challenges without disregard to America's economic needs.  The recent release of the [CCTP] is another positive step in this direction," the letter states. "We applaud [the administration's] commitment and belief in the power of U.S. innovation, and market-oriented approaches."

However, the letter also cautions that altering the approach to include mandatory caps on carbon emissions would be an abject failure.

"Any type of cap and trade system essentially amounts to a regressive tax on consumers, one that, if implemented here, would cost Americans an estimated $300 to $400 billion per year. ... If the U.S. were to adopt an emissions trading scheme, small businesses, low-income families, seniors – all consumers – would see their utility bills skyrocket," the letter added. "We share [the administration's] confidence in their power to affect meaningful environmental change without causing irreparable and long-term damage to our economy."

In addition to the Center for Individual Freedom, supporters signing the letter include the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council, the American Conservative Union, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the 60 Plus Association, Americans for Tax Reform, the National Tax Limitation Committee, Frontiers of Freedom, and Citizens Outreach. 

To read the full text of the letter, click here.

October 5, 2006
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