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Ordinary Citizens are Being Shut Up and Shut Out of the Political Process

Institute for Justice Attorney Steve Simpson Discusses Campaign Regulations

Congress is considering legislation to require grassroots groups to register as "lobbyists" and file detailed quarterly reports on their donors and activities if they organize grassroots campaigns that encourage citizens to contact members of Congress.  According to opponents (including CFIF), this legislation will discourage citizens, and the groups that represent them, from exercising First Amendment rights.       

In a study released this spring by the Institute for Justice, the real-world impact of campaign finance regulations was examined and concluded that ordinary citizens are being shut up and shut out of the political process.  "Campaign finance laws don't just impact politicians and professional campaigners inside the Beltway - they impact ordinary Americans across the nation who simply want to speak out, but are too often shut up by burdensome regulations," said Steve Simpson, a senior attorney at the Institute for Justice.

Recently, Steve Simpson joined CFIF Corporate Counsel & Senior Vice President Renee Giachino to discuss campaign finance laws versus free speech and the First Amendment.

Click on the link below to listen to the interview originally heard on "Your Turn - Meeting Nonsense With Commonsense" on WEBY 1330 AM, Northwest Florida's talk radio...[Listen to the interview here]

[Posted May 18, 2007]

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