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Hey Congress: Don’t Muck With Our Trucks

A Conversation with CFIF’s Timothy Lee against Extreme New Mileage Standards

As Americans struggle with rising summer gas prices, Congress is preparing to make matters even worse with an energy bill that imposes draconian mileage requirements on automobile manufacturers. Increasing these mileage requirements, commonly known as Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, will only serve to reduce vehicle safety, increase automobile purchase costs to consumers, overwhelm the already-crippled American auto industry, eliminate jobs and actually increase fuel consumption.

In response, Americans everywhere are realizing the negative impact the energy legislation will have on their everyday lives. Simply put, CAFE mandates have never worked and Americans don’t want government bureaucrats enacting “feel-good” laws that will do nothing but compromise vehicle safety, undermine consumer freedom and artificially inflate the cost of their cars and trucks.

Recently, CFIF Director of Legal and Public Affairs Timothy Lee joined Renee Giachino, the Center’s Corporate Counsel and Senior Vice President, to discuss Free My Ride, a CFIF project, and what can be done by concerned drivers, auto enthusiasts and all who believe it is wrong for Washington to meddle with the rights of automobile owners to buy and operate the vehicles they want and need.

What follows is the interview originally heard on “Your Turn – Meeting Nonsense With Commonsense” on WEBY 1330 AM, Northwest Florida’s talk radio. ...[Listen to the interview here]

[Posted June 13, 2007]

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