In our Liberty Update this week, we highlight the Biden Administration's role in rising inflation, some…
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Image of the Day: Good News - As Inflation Accelerates Elsewhere, Internet Service Costs Actually Decline

In our Liberty Update this week, we highlight the Biden Administration's role in rising inflation, some of its under-discussed negative consequences and its shockingly tone-deaf responses and rationalizations.  In an increasingly rare bit of positive news from NCTA, The Internet & Television Association, however, internet service provider costs are actually declining:


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="704"] Good News: Internet Service Costs Decline[/caption]


October 22, 2021 • 12:36 PM

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"Douglas Wilder, the only African American governor in Virginia's history, is no fan of the video endorsement Vice President Kamala Harris made for Terry McAuliffe, which is being played Sundays in hundreds of the Old Dominion's black churches.The ad, which ethics and legal experts say is a clear violation of IRS rules, is set to continue playing right up until the Nov. 2 gubernatorial election, as…[more]
—Katherine Doyle, White House Reporter for the Washington Examiner
— Katherine Doyle, White House Reporter for the Washington Examiner
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