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FOX BusinessFoxBusiness
Minneapolis restaurants sue mayor over vaccine mandates…
Hugh Hewitthughhewitt
Browns beat ‘‘em twice. Just sayin’
Mickey Kauskausmickey
National ReviewNRO
The late Walter Williams could penetrate through even the most muddle-headed and evasive political rhetoric.…
Ann CoulterAnnCoulter
Vegans are such [email protected]
RT @morninggloria: Sad to see Joe Rogan’s historic run for NFL coach of the year ends tonight
Megyn Kellymegynkelly
RT @DeAngelisCorey: stop calling school closures "remote learning"
Ann CoulterAnnCoulter
RT @bravojourno: California school board president ends meeting after 2 minutes because some people aren't wearing masks "correctly." https…
RT @KT_So_It_Goes: this is the most we’ve all laughed at something bad happening to someone since trump got covid
Joe ScarboroughJoeNBC
Packer fans deserve better. Speaking of which, I loved your Lombardi book.…
Stephen Hayesstephenfhayes
LaFleur is a great Xs and Os coach. Brilliant offensive schemer. He has been way too risk averse in the playoffs.……
RT @morninggloria: For a guy who wants to get out of Wisconsin he sure spent the last months acting exactly like every dipshit I graduated…
RT @GBPdaily: Aaron Rodgers & the Packers since winning Super Bowl: • 2022: L in NFC Div • 2021: L in NFC Champ • 2020: L in NFC Champ • 2…
RT @morninggloria: Guess political luminary Aaron Rodgers’ White House summit with President Biden has been canceled