CFIF Expands Issue Ad Effort in Virginia

"Tim Kaine’s anti-death penalty, anti-gun rights record speaks for itself."

July 5, 2005
Contact: Marshall Manson

CFIF Expands Effort to Educate Virginians About Tim Kaine’s Real Record on the Death Penalty and Second Amendment Rights

Aelxandria, VA — The Center for Individual Freedom has expanded its effort to educate Virginians about the major differences between Governor Mark Warner’s and Lt. Governor Tim Kaine’s records on the Second Amendment and the death penalty.

“We’re committed to making sure that Virginians are educated about Kaine’s anti-gun rights, anti-death penalty record,” said Marshall Manson, the Center’s Vice President of Public Affairs. “While Kaine continues to try and convince Virginians that he’s just like Mark Warner, Kaine’s anti-death penalty, anti-gun rights record speaks for itself. And it’s important that Virginians understand that Tim Kaine is trying to mislead them.”

On Friday, CFIF began airing a new radio ad in the Norfolk and Roanoke markets. The ad will run for several weeks and may expand into other areas of the state.

“Tim Kaine himself recently reiterated his opposition to the death penalty, and his record of opposing gun-owner rights is undeniable,” explained Manson. “We will do whatever is necessary to educate Virginians about the big differences between Mark Warner’s and Tim Kaine’s records on the death penalty and Second Amendment rights.”

To listen to the ad, click here (2 mb .mp3 file).

The script of the issue ad is as follows:

Center for Individual Freedom
Television Issue Ad Script
“Mark & Tim Radio”
July 1, 2005

Voice Over:


When Tim Kaine claims he’s just like Mark Warner, he must not realize that those of us who read newspapers know better.

Funny, circus-like music.

After all, the Washington Post wrote that when Kaine said he supported a moratorium on the death penalty, Warner stepped forward to say “I disagree. I believe we need to make sure that the death penalty is carried out fairly.”

Music changes to more serious. Continues for remainder of the spot.

Cite: Washington Post, 6/14/01

And the Richmond Times-Dispatch is full of articles that demonstrate how Tim Kaine has opposed gun owner rights.

Cite: Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/26/97

One Times-Dispatch article even details how Kaine tried to use taxpayer dollars to support the anti-gun Million Mom March. The same article notes that Tim Kaine got caught and was shamed into using private funds to aid the anti-gun demonstrators.

Cite: Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/20/01

So, Tim Kaine opposes the death penalty and gun owner rights. Hmmm. That doesn’t sound like Mark Warner at all.


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