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Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats Obstructing Justice:
The Collusion Memoranda

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats and their staffs have been colluding with leftist special interest groups as they sustain their unprecedented and extra-constitutional campaign to obstruct Senate confirmation of many of President Bush’s judicial nominees. Incriminating memoranda, first revealed by the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Times, reveal the obstructionists’ shocking strategy and how liberal special interest groups are pulling their puppet strings.

The most egregious of the 14 memos exposed thus far, written by a staffer to Senator Ted Kennedy, bluntly discusses an effort to affect the outcome of a then-pending case by delaying confirmation of an appeals court judge. The memo specifically recognizes the impropriety of delay for that purpose. (To read the memo, click here.)

Another memo attacks Miguel Estrada, who subsequently withdrew his nomination. His offenses: his career has left no paper trail to be picked apart; he’s Latino, and was thought being groomed for the Supreme Court.

To read the incriminating memoranda for yourself, click here.(PDF)

[Posted February 19, 2004]