CFIF Urges New Supreme Court Justice to Protect Constitution

We need a rule-of-law justice who will stand up for the Constitution and not succumb to the temptation to legislate from the bench.

July 1, 2005
Contact: Jeff Mazzella or Marshall Manson

Statement of CFIF President Jeff Mazzella on Justice O'Connor's Retirement

Alexandria, VA — Justice Sandra Day O’Connor announced today that she would retire after more than 20 years on the Supreme Court. In response, Jeff Mazzella, President of the Center for Individual Freedom, made the following statement:

“Justice O’Connor has served on the High Court with honor and distinction for more than 20 years. America owes her a debt of gratitude.

“Justice O’Connor’s retirement creates the first Supreme Court vacancy in more than 11 years, and the selection and confirmation of her successor is an issue of paramount importance to the nation.

“It is critical that the President select and the Senate confirm a Supreme Court justice who puts the law and the Constitution first, setting aside his or her own personal beliefs and disregarding outside pressures.

“We need a rule-of-law justice who will stand up for the Constitution and not succumb to the temptation to legislate from the bench.

“Unfortunately, the Supreme Court term that ended this week saw remarkable set-backs for individual rights guaranteed under the Constitution. Indeed, the Supreme Court has lately been far too willing to allow government power to expand far beyond what the Founding Fathers intended. We hope the new justice will stem the tide of pro-government decisions that have become too common in recent years.”

The Center for Individual Freedom ( is a non-profit, non-partisan Constitutional and free-market advocacy organization dedicated to protecting individual freedom and rights in the legal, legislative and educational arenas. Through its Confirmation Watch project, the Center has been a leader in pushing the Senate to hold up-or-down votes on judicial nominations.

[Posted July 5, 2005
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