At CFIF, the issue of improving taxpayer privacy and protection against persistent abuse by the Internal…
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Quote of the Day: Taxpayer Privacy and IRS Abuse

At CFIF, the issue of improving taxpayer privacy and protection against persistent abuse by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) remains among our most important missions.  Among the abuses that we've chronicled is the case of convicted criminal Charles Littlejohn, who rejoined the IRS in 2017 with the specific purpose of illegally breaching and leaking the private tax returns of Donald Trump and other Americans to radical left-wing organizations like ProPublica.

In The Wall Street Journal this week, one of those victims speaks out on his own experience and the need for greater taxpayer protection against this recurring problem that should terrify all Americans of every political persuasion.  Ira Stoll, whose tax information was passed to ProPublica, even helpfully details how…[more]

May 29, 2024 • 11:28 AM

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CFIF’s “One More Vote” Campaign Launches Ad in Support of a Balanced Federal Budget with No New Taxes Print
By CFIF Staff
Thursday, September 30 2010

Earlier this month, the Center for Individual Freedom (“CFIF”) launched its “One More Vote” campaign to rally grassroots activists across the country to force Washington to stop the excessive spending of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Specifically, the “One More Vote” initiative calls for a constitutional amendment requiring Congress to balance the federal budget annually.  In addition, to ensure the politicians in Washington do not use such a balanced budget requirement as an excuse to raise taxes, the amendment imposes a supermajority of 60 percent of both houses of Congress to increase taxes or raise the debt ceiling.

This week, CFIF launched its first 30-second ad in support of the effort, which can be viewed below.

CFIF’s goal is to get this ad in front of as many concerned Americans as possible, but we need your help.  Please consider a contribution to CFIF’s “One More Vote” initiative today to help us publicize this urgent campaign to force the politicians in Washington to stop the spending. 

To make a donation, click here.

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"Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says Democrats have tipped their hand to their desire to unleash noncitizen voting by opposing his state's citizenship verification in court and he is urging elections chiefs in other states to fight such lawsuits.Georgia's citizenship verification system has prevented noncitizens from getting on state voter rolls, but the state had to defend it in court…[more]
— Natalia Mittelstadt, Just the News
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