In our latest Liberty Update, we highlight how Americans have soured on "Bidenomics" despite Biden supporters…
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Image of the Day: Minorities Prospered Far More Under Trump

In our latest Liberty Update, we highlight how Americans have soured on "Bidenomics" despite Biden supporters' ongoing insistence that voters trust them rather than over three years of actual, real-life experience and hardship.  Well, our friends at the Committee to Unleash Prosperity have highlighted another point that merits emphasis as minorities turn against Biden in his reelection effort.  Namely, they prospered far more under President Trump than President Biden:

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="691"] Minorities Prospered Far More Under Trump Than Biden[/caption]


June 09, 2024 • 10:40 PM

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CFIF Applauds Tennessee General Assembly for Passing Significant Certificate of Need (CON) Reform Legislation Print
By CFIF Staff
Tuesday, April 23 2024

CFIF stands ready and willing to work with lawmakers and stakeholders to address remaining CON regulations going froward 

NASHVILLE, TN – The Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) today applauds Tennessee’s General Assembly for passing legislation to significantly reform the state's harmful Certificate of Need (CON) laws in order to increase access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. 

“We applaud the members of the 113th General Assembly for passing legislation that will increase access to critical healthcare services and facilities across the Volunteer State,” said CFIF President Jeff Mazzella. “Passing critical reforms to Tennessee’s Certificate of Need laws will enhance access to the affordable, high-quality care on which Tennessee patients rely.” 

During the legislative session, Tennessee patients and their families sent more than 26,000 letters to their lawmakers urging repeal of Tennessee’s CON laws. Additionally, public opinion polling released by CFIF shows that Tennessee Republican voters overwhelmingly support CON repeal the more they learn about the issue. 

“We appreciate that Tennessee’s CON Reform Working Group and so many other legislators took the time to listen to voters and stakeholders across the healthcare landscape,” continued Mazzella. “The growing chorus of everyday Tennesseans willing to speak out on this issue is being heard over the tired and unsubstantiated claims of CON proponents that wish to protect the status quo at the expense of Tennessee patients.

“The reforms passed this session reflect thoughtful leadership and are a significant step in the right direction. However, more work is needed to address the remaining CON regulations gojng forward. CFIF stands ready and willing to work with lawmakers and stakeholders across the healthcare landscape to pursue additional progress. Fully repealing CON will allow Tennessee’s healthcare system to keep pace with the growing population and ensure increased access to affordable, high-quality care,” Mazzella concluded. 


Founded in 1998, the Center for Individual Freedom is a non-profit, constitutional and free-market advocacy organization with more than 300,000 activists and supporters across the nation, including thousands in Tennessee.


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